driving 45 singing out loud with the windows down

scanning past the headlights for deer

navigating the winding scenic drive

through the national park I worked in that summer

the summer we shared that old ranger’s cabin

where we joked about snakes in the walls and ghosts next door

where we parked in the meadow and watched heat lightening streak across the night sky

I was just a girl lost in her own passions

I’m just a woman lost in my own passions

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Sara is a solo female traveler and an adventure travel writer. To check out her latest essays and videos go to www.whereintheworldissara.com or follow her on Instagram & YouTube @saratidewalker.



Sara Leibold

Sara Leibold

Adventure travel writer & video blogger www.whereintheworldissara.com /// YouTube & IG@saratidewalker